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Software Asset Management Specialist (SAM) Certification

  • Official ITAMOrg Qualification
  • Official ITAMOrg Exam Included
  • Student Copy of learning material
  • 180 days access to e-learning recorded high quality trainings from accredited training organization
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The ITAMOrg Software Asset Management certification (SAM) syllabus and qualification scheme is designed to provide Software Asset Managers, who work in the typically multifaceted computing environment of small/medium to large companies, with the appropriate knowledge to implement and maintain an effective SAM program. The three-day SAM course is designed for IT professionals with little understanding of the IT Asset Management area.

Learning objectives

Attendees will, after the course, be able to demonstrate an overall understanding of the Software Asset Manager’s role in relation to:

  • Understanding the risks, costs, challenges and benefits associated with SAM in a dynamic IT
  • Understanding the different types of licensing methods commonly used by software
  • Recognizing the potential issues that arise when implementing a SAM program
  • Gathering the required information about the organizational environment into which the SAM program is being implemented
  • Developing a comprehensive business case for SAM to gain commitment to the SAM project
  • Understanding the key SAM processes required to ensure the effective SAM program
  • Specifying the requirements for evaluating and selecting the correct tools for SAM
  • Developing and communicating the related software policy
  • Understanding how SAM interfaces with IT Service Management including ITIL and other BPs
  • Planning for the development and implementation of all SAM policies, procedures and tools
  • Establishing and maintaining a database containing the data relevant to SAM
  • Understanding how to control all activities associated with the software lifecycle
  • Detecting, escalating and managing all exceptions with policies, processes, procedures and licenses in the correct way
  • Managing all relationships within the business and with partners/suppliers to the agreed service levels
  • Continually assessing the effectiveness of policies and procedures in relation to the different tiers

The SAM course is based on Software Asset Management best practices and standardization. It combines IT Service Management best practice with the Software Asset Management standard (ISO19770)

The Software Asset Management Specialist exam

In order to obtain the Software Asset Management Specialist Certificate you first need to have successfully completed the Software Asset Management Specialist exam. The exam procedure is explained in the following section.

The examination is a one-hour closed book multiple choice consisting of 40 questions.

The pass mark is 65%.

The examination will be founded on the syllabus as stated in this document. All examination questions will be drawn from any and all subjects in this syllabus, and the amount of weight allocated to any given topic has to be expected to be in proportion to the given topic’s coverage in this syllabus.

Practical information

You must pass a multiple-choice exam in which your knowledge of Software Asset Management will be tested to obtain your Software Asset Management Specialist certificate.

All exam candidates will get access to the online exam environment and will need to answer 40 multiple-choice questions within 60 minutes.

You must answer 65% of the questions correctly (or at least 26 of the 40 questions) to pass. Each question includes four possible answers, of which only one is the correct answer.

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