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Become a PECB Certified ISO Professional

    In an increasingly volatile, uncertain & insecure job market, Professional Certifications will help individuals to secure, grow & increase the prospects of attracting better & bigger opportunities.

    ISO – International Organization for Standards an independent, non-government organization is one of the oldest, largest developer of voluntary international standards facilitating world trade by common standards among nations. Over 20,000 standards have been set by ISO encompassing all industries i.e., manufacturing, technology, healthcare, agriculture etc., ISO standards is recognised & followed by 165 countries around the world…ISO only develops International Standards, it doesn’t involve in certification nor issues certificates, ISO training & certifications has to be obtained by accredited, authorised certification bodies.

    Training & achieving Certification in ISO standards is sure way of growing & securing professional future…

    PECB –Professional Evaluation and Certification Body is leading accredited training & certification body for ISO standards worldwide. With PECB ISO training courses, opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of your field of expertise, PECB offers training courses that speak to your needs and reflect the latest standards, technologies, approaches, most innovative methods, and practical examples.

    SMATICA is top ranked accredited partner of PECB for ISO professional certification programs. The team comprises of high calibre professional trainers & consultants with proven track record in improving business productivity. 

    SMATICA’s training course delivery formats reflect an amalgamation of successful traditional, contemporary, and innovative learning practices, which demonstrate that the candidates have achieved the level of competence required for today’s industry

    SMATICA offers variety of training programs to suit individual’s preference & style of learning.

    1. Classroom Training.
    2. Live Online Training.
    3. E-Learning.
    4. Self-Paced, Self-Study training.
    1. Classroom Training:

    SMATICA offers PECB developed ISO trainings which are participant- centred & delivered by PECB Certified professionals. The Classroom training is designed to benefit participants who wish to learn through groups, interact with peers, share experiences, ideas, and opinions, build network.

    • Live Online Training:

    SMATICA organizes online training programs in a Live virtual meeting classroom environment. The program is an excellent, engaging interactive sessions delivered by PECB Certified professionals benefiting participants who have time restrictions to travel to classroom programs or who prefer non-working hours to take up training programs.

    • E-Learning Training:

    SMATICA offers E-Learning programs to help individuals to learn at their convenient time & location. It’s a collection of pre-recorded, technology enabled video training modules delivered by certified PECB trainers. Participants can take interactive quiz sessions and will be helped by additional course materials to enhance their knowledge.

    SMATICA offers live Q&A sessions with PECB certified professionals for additional mentoring.

    • Self-Paced, Self-Study Training:

    SMATICA has designed this program to benefit participants who wish to learn on their own pace, time & location. The program comprises of course materials designed & developed by PECB and can be accessed anytime, anywhere after logging in with valid account into KATE, a PECB educational platform, you can take exam from anywhere through PCEB exam app, after successfully passing the exam you will be invited to apply for certification.

    The program is suitable for participant who carries a considerable knowledge in the subject and does not need assisted training.

    Certification Process: